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Old Swan, new tricks

The Old Swan & Minster Mill launches new dog-training weekend breaks, as Richard Cree reports

The Old Swan & Minster Mill is the sort of place you go to relax, to retreat from the world and unwind. Set in the bucolic Cotswolds village of Minster Lovell, this latest De Savary hotel boasts a gastropub-style restaurant and a simple spa. Well-heeled guests go to enjoy the local walks, a spot of fishing or tennis.

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Dog-friendly Northumberland

Belinda Archer takes a tour of dog-friendly hotspots along the remote, beautiful and romantic Northumberland coast

Northumberland: the very name sounds sort of historic and windswept and full of drama. You can imagine hairy Viking hordes rampaging across the exposed moorlands and bloody battles ensuing between the English and Scots.

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Lunch at the Spring Inn

Saturday lunch at the recently revived dog-friendly Berkshire pub, the Spring Inn.

The traditional week is changing. We’re no longer so fixated with Saturdays being for shopping and Sundays for eating. As a result Saturday lunchtime is getting some much-deserved recognition. Richard Cree checked out the Spring Inn to see what this Berkshire gastropub’s take might be

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Dog-friendly Cotswolds classics

Belinda Archer takes a tour through the Cotswolds, discovering some of the best dog-friendly places among the region’s seemingly limitless supply of pubs, restaurants and hotels

The Cotswolds is probably the most fashionable destination in the UK right now, second home to the rich and beautiful, and frequented by the glitterati. No wonder it boasts the highest density of stylish gastropubs and posh pubs with rooms in the land. And many are dog-friendly

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The Bell Inn at Walberswick

The Bell Inn, in the cute Suffolk village of Walberswick, might be the perfect destination for dogs and humans alike. Belinda Archer took Poppy and Digby to find out

There can be few greater pleasures of dog ownership than to take your precious hound to the British seaside. Watching your dog hurtle unbridled across the endless sands and bounce among the waves with fellow canines is a joy, and the pretty coastal village of Walberswick in Suffolk is one of the loveliest places to do this.

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