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When dogs and culture collide

If there’s two things the team at Hudson’s Choice agree we all love (in fact there’s loads, but let’s not allow the facts to ruin a good drop intro) they are dogs and magazines.

No wonder we got so excited when we heard about Australian designer Marta Roca’s Four&Sons project. It’s the perfect blend of high-design magazine craft and what she calls dog-centricity. Whether that’s an elision of dog and eccentrics or means all things dog-centred isn’t clear. Most likely it’s a bit of both, either way it’s already got us scrambling for the “subscribe here” button.

The first issue is out in May and it looks like it will genuinely be a thing of great beauty. As well as being fascinated by brilliant typography, Roca says she is equally enthralled by the intimate relationship between man and dog and she has lined up a stellar cast of global cultural contributors to add their views and share their work, including high-profile photographer Elliott Erwitt and a short story from Dave Eggers.

Promising to cover “art, design, fashion, music and lifestyle”, Four&Sons will bring together what it describes as “an eclectic mix of inspiring ‘dog-centric’ content to dog-lovers passionate about culture and creativity.”

All this quality and dog-centricity doesn’t come cheap mind (annual subscriptions cost $50 to subscribe and get the thing delivered to Blighty), so you’d better hope if its coming though the front door that the dog doesn’t try to read it before you get home.

To pre-order issue one, visit Four & Sons